Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help desk

Nine - The number of times I called up my IT helpdesk (namely Padmanabh) and heard the busy tone.

Nine - The number of times I contemplated walking up to my IT helpdesk (Padmanabh a.k.a. Pappu).

Sixty six - The number of steps that took me to Pappu’s cubicle.

Four - The number of failed attempts at getting Pappu’s (on the phone flirting) attention

Two - The number of lines I had to use to scandalize the poor soul*

Seventy two - The number of steps that took me back to my seat.

Fifty Nine - The number of steps it took Pappu to come to my rescue.

Seven - The number of seconds it took me to tell Pappu the truth.

Eight - The number of expletives Pappu used as he sat at my table and installed my yahoo messenger.

*“I have downloaded this great software that automatically downloads porn every fifteen minutes. I want you to log in as the administrator and install it for me.”


Anonymous said...

You needed someone to install Y!messenger?? Shuck...technologically impaired?

haathi said...

hahahahaha.. nice one :)