Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Button up!

I am sure most us have waited for the elevator at some point of time in our lives. Those who haven’t, you will surely get your chance, unless fate plays a cruel trick. Those who have will relate to this post. For those who haven’t, this is a warning to watch out.

Why do people press the elevator button more than once? I mean the one to summon the elevator, and not the floor choosers. Does pressing it repeatedly make the elevator move faster? Or is it a ploy to kill time? Is there something more to that little button than the visible to the naked eye? Is it a messaging device that with each jab, generates a code to be passed on confidentially to someone at RAW? Or could it be a device of god, something similar to a confession box, but more effective? A button that would erase, not forgive, a sin of yours every time you press it. It could also be the trigger to a sophisticated device inside. You know, the ones they use to seduce that beautiful lady who is destined to be stuck with you in the elevator; quite common in the republic of Utopia. It could also be the switch to burn everyone in the elevator to ashes so that you can avoid the sweaty stuffiness every evening. Yeah the same one Hitler used at Auschwitz. Oh yes, I got it. It must be one of those Reiki techniques. Three fingers in the right order and you get an orgasm. But then again, it could simply be a case of OCD? If yes, I apologize. I completely understand.


Anonymous said...

"three fingers in the right order..." - Hilarious! You know in most new elevators they have taken this idiocy into account.

If you press an elevator button once, it lights it twice and it cancels the call. Of course to most people this would mean the lift is broken :)

phoenikhs said...

Interesting! Wasnt aware of it.

phoenikhs said...
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