Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Online Interview

I recently received a comment on my blog. It was from a guy named Mike Thom. He wanted to interview me because some guy he interviewed named my blog as his favourite (yeah right!). Here is the online interview page. And my answers.

The Interview

Please give us a description of your blog (This will appear on the homepage):
My blog is a crammed up little dingy corner in cyberspace where letters that were complete strangers earlier come together and talk of situations, things and people they were completely unaware of in the past.

What do you do for a living? Is this your job, a hobby, etc.?
I am a serial killer at night and a cop during the day. I have been trying to catch 'me' for the last 20 years. Does that sound like a hobby to you?

Why did you start blogging about this topic?
Because the book titled “Read people’s minds in 30 days and blog about them” was sold out.

How long have you been working on this blog?
Long enough to be interviewed by a guy named Mike Thom.

How many visitors does your blog get per day?
It depends on what my blog is wearing on a particular day. When the bikini is out, there is usually a rush.

Does your blog have an income? Which ways have worked, which haven't? How successful has it been?
My blog does have a small income. Nothing too significant, but a little. It works part-time as a window cleaner. Now you know how much part-time window cleaners earn. So, I am cool. It doesn't threaten me. I am sure it is more than happy with the shelter and food I provide for it at http://phoenikhs.blogspot.com/

What kind of person would be interested in this type of blog?
Schizophrenics and psychopaths of all shapes, sexes and sizes form a majority of my readers. Ted Bundy's illicit son was an avid follower once. But damn, they nailed him too!

About how much time do you spend blogging per day?
Depends on how much time my boss spends outside the office.

Tell us why we should subscribe to your blog:
Because you are pretty jobless. Why else would you want my interview?

What advice do you have for other bloggers trying to succeed?
Bugger off! There is enough bullshit floating around the internet already.

What are your favorite blogs? (List at least 3 urls, one per line, please, WITHOUT the http://)

Thank you

Monday, June 21, 2010

To err is human, to be Brazilian is divine...

There it was. The Brazilians were in town. And so was beautiful football. A rampaging victory over the African superpowers followed. The world rejoiced over the victory. The world mourned the angel’s a.k.a. Kaka’s sending off and the inevitable cheating by an African player. Things were back to normal again. Justice prevailed. Or did it?

Kaka epitomizes what football should be all about. An extremely talented player who plays football the Brazilian way – the way it was always meant to be played. His fear of God is just another feather in his Champions League winning cap. But above all, he is Brazilian. And as the word goes around in world football, Brazilians can do no wrong. They are born to play football, and that too the beautiful version. Africans, in this case the Ivorians, on the other hand are the anti-thesis of what the game should be. Thanks to Rigobert Song and the likes. Rumour has it that he once got booked for carrying an AK 47 on the field. But things have changed since that Cameroonian debacle. The World Cup has come to Africa. Period. But last night was proof of what is wrong!

“Fucking black bastard cheated,” screamed a friend of mine. An avid Brazil fan, he was swearing at the ridiculous sending off of Kaka, the Brazilian playmaker. The man who was fouled, Keita, was an African. As long as he was not beheaded or castrated, no Brazilian was to be cautioned or so said the rules of the game. After all, Brazilians could do no wrong. So when Kaka, the same guy who wears a Jesus on his vest, received the second yellow, there was public uproar. Africans cheated. Poor Kaka! God’s second son! Brazilian! What rubbish! I guess people have short memories. Remember Rivaldo in 2002? If you don’t, here’s a reminder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RKo_50sWW4

There is no doubt that Keita could very well share the Oscar with Rivaldo for that spectacular piece of cheating. But then again, so could Fabiano, with his impersonation of Godson Kaka by using the hands of God to score his second one. And he too went to ground as if he was shot in the head at the slightest of nudges. But yeah, he is Brazilian and Brazilians are capable of doing no wrong. Coming back to the red card, Kaka was no saint last night. No fucking way. All the claims about Keita approaching Kaka from the back and charging into him are rubbish. (People who have just read about it and not watched it please keep your mouths shut.) Kaka raised an elbow, though not head high, at the onrushing Ivorian. And a raised elbow is a bookable offence. It is usually a straight red. So the Brazilians should at least be happy that the ban is just for a match. So shut up and stick to your simple task of delighting the world the Samba way!