Friday, August 12, 2005

English Premier League - The wait is over!

It all started 7 years back when Aston Villa sat proudly at the top of the Premiership table. I was in Trichur, my mom’s place, and was extremely bored as whenever I was there. Nobody in my age group within miles, no computer, plenty of ‘things-not-to-do,’
and an extremely irritating grandpa to top it all – perfect. Browsing through channels on an Onida TV, which could be auctioned off as an antique piece any day (surprisingly, it has stood the test of time, increasing its antique value by tenfold), probably the only source of entertainment.

I, unlike many or any, can stay alive with just 4 channels – ESPN, STAR Sports, HBO and Star Movies. As I surfed through these four, a bunch of people in the most detestable football jerseys caught my eye. I paused. Till date I do not know why I chose to support the team that Aston Villa (detestable costume) were playing. Was it because the other team wore a better jersey? Was it because of my nature to support the mid-table underdogs against the league leaders or was it because they played like Gods?

I haven’t regretted my choice for nearly a decade, and will not, for as long as I live. I have been supporting Manchester United from that boring day. They rose from the mid-table, with their classic post-christmas surge, and went on to win the EPL title, FA Cup, and most famously, the champions league.

I’ve followed Man U and EPL with equal passion. Man U have gone through ups and downs, and I have followed them. I have cried when they lost, I have cried when they won, with highly contrasting tears. And after 7 wonderful seasons of mind blowing football, I still stand by them. As the slogan goes, “We (United fans) shall not be moved.”

The next season, 2005-06, starts tomorrow on the 13th of August, missing Friday the 12th by as whisker. With Roo n Ro, United will be a treat to watch, as they had always been. Adios. UNITED WE STAND. EPL RULES and I DROOL.