Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The future is black

I think that sooner or later, the blacks will inherit the earth. The process has been on for a while. Jesse Owens gave us a hint, and Hitler a slap, in 1936. It was there for the entire world to see, the first televised event in the world, the Berlin Olympics. When Owens jumped, he defied not just gravity, but a century of prejudices and misconceptions. Chuck Berry and the likes conquered the music world by making all the right noises. Then there was the West Indian cricket team. To think of it, the English invented a game so that they could win everything before the world caught up. But Gary Sobers and party had other plans. And Woods of course, Tiger Woods. The little man with an oriental chromosome barged into the rich white man’s world uninvited, much in the same fashion as John Savage in ‘A Brave New World’. The only difference being that Mr. Woods would just not go back. And now there is Obama – the most powerful man on earth since anyone. I am a little on the darker side. I hope that’s enough to head Ogilvy in the not so distant future.

(courtesy: bonsaiz)

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