Monday, January 28, 2008

A Workplace Rhapsody - 1

Introduction: Well, this one is inspired by Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert strip. In one of his recent blogs, he had discussed the idea of his readers putting down random rhyming lines which made some or no sense. I did my share of two and posted them. And then, on further contemplation, I realised - but why 2, and not 14? And therefore I wrote twelve more. I have not enjoyed as much writing something in a very very long time. This might continue as a series. Because, if 2 could become 14, 14 could as well become anything. But for the time being, here is whatever that has been manifested...

A Workplace Rhapsody - I

The computer is but a little matchbox,
And the mouse is everything but a fox.
The speakers are palace guards on either side,
The music is melody that I take in my stride.
The hard disk is full of bits and bytes,
The cabinet screws are rusted and tight.
The letters on MS word are of font size ten,
If the cursor grows it may look a mountain
The monitor is blinking black and blue,
One more time and I will trash it in the loo.
I pressed the enter key twice or thrice,
But I won’t touch the ‘Pause Break’ till my demise.
The UPS is down and hence I’ll stop writing,
Promise me it’s okay or I will start biting.

1 comment:

Miss :D said...

lol.. funny .

.can imagine sitting at my desk tommo and laying all ure lines out infront of me .. great start to my day i say . :D