Friday, January 05, 2007

Damned for dreaming!

Posted by Picasa daring to dream??

Deafened by your screams I am deafened by your screams
That I can’t see the truth coz I’m blinded by my dreams
I’m in love with the darkness that’s scaring you away,
My night is as bright as the dawn of everyday

The noose around my neck tightened as I crawled along
the ink was so green as they wrote my sorry song
I walked to a dream only visible to me,
They thought I was lost and branded me a gypsy

I shed a lot of blood walking the forbidden mile
They called me a clown as I tried to fake a smile
I fell in a puddle which I thought would teach me swim
But later than sooner I realized it was my whim

I shunned all my shadows as I flew to the sun
Their tears were so dry, of a whore dressed as a nun,
I’d fly like a phoenix and burn the wings I spread
The fall is not painful, but the life is what I dread

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