Friday, January 05, 2007

Life against me

Posted by Picasa how ironic?

Life is staring at your blank face,
the smile is not an honest one
the one that shone in all its grace
look again, it's a hidden pun
your misery is what it's laughing at
your tears seem to fuel the joy
what's that life's got against you
it's yours after all, why seek and destroy

the brat smiles on

just as you’re getting to terms
an obstacle course waits around the turn
the veins are tight and the heart firm,
but to no avail as your wingless dreams burn
you look up to an empty sky
the prayers try to flee but give up to gravity
thoughts and desires might fly sky high
but where’ll they go with this inner enmity

the bitch smiles on

Then you befriend the last resort
Love by the name and looks your best mate
But the fickle women of fate kill and retort
The heaven’s raging you for breeding hate
The quagmire seems to drag you deeper down
The fool in you wonders what you’ve done
All those smiles have turned to one painful frown
And you wonder whether you’re the only one

the life smiles on

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