Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Workplace Rhapsody - 3

The man from the bank doesn’t look like coming,
Is he sitting at his desk and doing all his summing?
A brand new month is fast approaching,
And poverty is all set to start encroaching.
Liquor and cigarettes and expensive food,
Have drained all my money, my brother, dear dude.
I wanted some cocktails and took down a recipe
And summoned some grapes, and some snack that was crispy.
I won’t smoke till the sadistic clock strikes 6 times
Look at this line, with the previous one it rhymes.
The bottle on my table is nearly empty
I am balanced on my chair and won’t fall off like Humpty.
My stomach is upset, I am going to the potty
I might fart out loud if I feel a little more naughty.

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