Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Workplace RHapsody - 4

The clock is merciful and hence I did smoke
The first puffs in my veins, made me act like a joke
I rush to the toilet and count the tiles
Those nine hours to me were a cool million miles
My mind tells me to go a little further
The body however, craves rum and coke together
Should I venture to new grounds with my evening alcohol,
Or stick to the tested and crawl up the wall
Colleagues are chatting and winding up for the day
Girls ganging, guys ganging, god it looks so gay
Now starts the ponder over the watering hole
My choice is where there is the freshest shoal
I shut down my computer thirsty for liquor
But even when drunk I judge better than Bucknor

1 comment:

Miss :D said...

When are u goin to be back erE?