Monday, May 04, 2009

Unplanned trips?

There are no such things as unplanned trips. Yeah. The same spontaneous ones you set off on, well past midnight. The ones that ensure that you apparently had tons of fun while your boring friends stayed home or went to PVR over the weekend. The ones that let you post snaps of yours with panoramic backdrops on Orkut and Facebook. In actuality however, they are just journeys you have been planning for weeks together. They are the same ones you have been apprehensive about since you saw your friend’s album on Picasa. They are the ones you have been postponing since you read that article on Outlook Traveller. They are the ones you have tucked way in a dark corner of your mind called desire. Now that you are three drinks down and much of those earlier inhibitions have melted away like the ice in your glass, you are ready to finally put it into action. And you dare to call it an unplanned trip?


Sridevi R said...

There is one unplanned trip we all the unknown destination! But, excuse the funeral firms promising a package deal for this one way trip.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)