Thursday, April 02, 2009

The new sun

The day the last sun painfully set
The brave candle parted with its fighting flame
The pale moon shone betrayed and bereft
The nightingale forgot his song in shame

The stream never laughed her teasing giggle
And the rainbow shed its every colour
The pool of tears looked a treacherous puddle
Even cupid seemed to have lost his power

Silver linings burnt as lightning ceaselessly struck
The only tunnel closed shut its cast iron door
Even open graves resembled strokes of luck
Love seemed to live only in dusty pages of folklore

And then just like that she came along
Giving me a new sun and the nightingale his song


Vineeth said...

aarada aval? ;)

good one..liked it a lot..the first three lines in the third stanza ichiri adikam dramatic aayo ennu doubt..oru horror effect konduvaran shramicha pole thonni :).. rest of it was really good..

phoenikhs said...

Illeda. Horror effect onnum alla. Layichu ezhuthi poyi. athre ullu. And as to 'aara aval' - samyaakumbol parayaam!

Debbie said...

She...?? who...?????????

Tinker Belle said...