Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The recession song!

Swipe your card at nine in the morn,
Rush to the monitor and do switch it on,
Even work on a file that is already complete
But don’t make it seem you are idle at your seat
Cut down your smoke breaks to five, maybe six
Double the number of your brownie point ticks
When a friend comes to chat do shoo him away
For he won’t pay you on the salary day
Gtalk was good when there was no firing
But now close the window, coz no one’s even hiring
Don’t let the pink slips land on your table
Pretend you’re good, the best and the able
Stick by the rules and you may beat recession
Or else there’s no go, but to join the procession


Soorya said...

:)) funny that was!

Anonymous said...

So who's your muse ;)

phoenikhs said...

And you told me u hadnt read it...

Thanks ;)

SrideviR said...

..and drown yourself in a glass of water.

(Awww! you need a period to stop the flow.)