Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A suicide that went wrong.

“Aaaaargh!!! You just punctured my eye you rotten little drunk,” screamed Cyclops, the old dartboard at the pub. “I guess they will only realise my pain when I bleed. Agnostic infidels. I think I might as well just hang myself to death. Oh, I already am hanging. Somebody tighten the noose for god’s sake!” Silence. Snap. “Oops, the wrong head. Sorry nail.”


SrideviR said...

I gently removed the four darts adorning the board in the corridor, as no one hurts it anymore. Its pain eased, now it can watch the drama of my life like a painting on the wall. Why, thank you!

phoenikhs said...

One's misery is another one's joy. The show must go on. :)