Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whisky thirsty!

Posted by Hello Manna!

Have you ever been thirsty for Whisky? I have been and am curious to know whether I have lost the battle against intoxicants. I clearly remember a day when I preferred a glass of iced whisky to a glass of iced water. Can this be rated as perversion?

There is something about whisky that makes it so drinkable. During my initial drinking days, whisky was a luxury (with some weird taxes Kerala government imposed). Rum used to be every Keralites' delight, something we dared not to think beyond.

Delhi has spoilt me with its ridiculously low liquor rates (I stunned a friend of mine to death when I went back home, entered a bar, and ordered a whisky). Unlike Vodka, whisky is good when taken dry, on the rocks, with water, soda or cold beverages including iced tea. It is not all that bad even when taken warm.

Whisky takes you on slowly, unlike rum which hits you as if are in the middle of a street brawl; whisky is like much awaited bondage, something you would succumb to. Directors Special Black for me has become synonymous with whisky. (I remember trashing a glass of Bacardi for a Johnnie Walker at a party) Scotch is heavenly, let me not talk about it till I am within reach or rather it is within reach. I would hide behind brand loyalty when it comes to my passion or hidden desire for scotch. It is like committing yourself to your girlfriend just because you know that things working out between Katie Holmes and you is not something that will happen in the near(being optimistic) future.

That’s it about whisky. I might add on when I am high.

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