Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sleepless in New Delhi

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There are a thousand things you can lose your sleep over- from your neighbour's success to your girlfriend's cleavage. Why has it got to be this?

SLAPPPP!!! 12 down, I wonder how many more to go! I stared at the ceiling, the only thing I had been doing for the past so many hours apart from the mosquito massacre. If there is god and if he were to appear before me and ask me for one single wish... I wouldn't ask for a longer life, a fatter wallet or a prettier wife. I would plead him for a mosquito free summer inDelhi.

I made most of my kills on my forehead. I simply cant understand what these mosquitos have for my forehead. I have a broad one and it is not very full of blood. Why not my 'bloody' buttocks? Why my forehead? Since the mosquitos cannot understand my language and vice versa, I guess the answer shall go unanswered to my grave.

Mmmmmm..... The most irritating music second only to Britney Spears in its unbearable nature - Mosquito Melody. Why fancy my ear? There are a couple of more good looking, equally well functioning pair of ears right next to mine. Why not those? He might be a music lover too. She just wouldn't understand( the mosquito).

You leave me no choice dear. I am no Gandhi or Christ to feed the mosquito till she is chubby and fat. If any of you animal rights people have problems, take her home, give her all the blood you want. If you cannot do that, just keep your freaking mouths shut and mind your equally disgusting business. Slapppppp! Dead. Death of another one of those obnoxious creatures. I am going to get some sleep now. My hands are too bloody for the day.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Darn u!

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Anonymous said...

Please dont kill those innocent mosquitoes - being an Animal Rights Activist, I vehemently protest this !!!
How dare you kill those innocent creatures just because it oozes out all your blood ?!?!?!

Instead I have one suggestion - "Snehichu Koolladaaa Avattangalae!!"
Let them be chubby & fat & veerthu veerthu veerthu they will die.

Ninte puthiya koottukaaran