Thursday, June 23, 2005

My definition of a bad day - in a nut shell!

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09:21 PM 7/25/03

note: This is a true story and has got everything to do with a person living not so perfectly well and not dead by any means.

A bad day by my standards is when... You wake up in the morning and realize that you can’t get off your bed due to a back pain that is killing you. After immense pressure from the parents and a mini-battle, you decide to go to the doctor and find out that he is busy and will be back only after 30 minutes. You decide to spend the time in a very industrious manner like surfing and go to a net-cafe and My oh My, the highly reliable electricity board has given you the privilege of working with a computer without an electric supply(UPS unavailable). You curse the board and get out and run into a very unfriendly man in uniform who informs you that you are riding without insurance and gives you an opportunity to part with 500 units of your hard earned money. You are also shown the way home, which you are supposed to cover on your feet. A meagre 2.5 kms! You get home and realize that you are not very eagerly awaited by your parents who had somehow come to know about the whole incident and push you out of home for paying the insurance. You find out that the person who could have saved you from the plight has just been transferred and you are all ready to part with your (your dad's) money. You rush to pay your insurance (a dragging 15 km) and get to the office to find out that the man at the counter needs your father's signature to pass the insurance. You rush to your father's office(15 km yet again) and is very much unwelcome, get the signature and rush on eagerly. You get there and are struck by the fact that, the man at the counter is demanding an amount of money which is beyond the 'then scope' of your purse. He ushers you out and asks you to pay the full amount. This time he gives you a time limit for covering the grueling 15km, as it is closing time. You are prepared to take the fastest ride of your life to get the money and soon find out that you have to take that ride in heavy rain and ... you don’t have a raincoat. Bravely you take up the challenge and rush to your nearest friend to find out that (the guy who carries around cash at all the times unnecessary) he is totally broke becoz he had to fill petrol in his bike which was running around with a cool 9 ltrs the day before. You are stranded and decide to go to an acquaintance of yours and unfortunately neither she nor her mom is home. You go back to the insurance company and you are fired and you are asked to return after two days. You return home wondering what could be worse. You get the answer as you get home. You have just forgotten to get a couple of your documents laminated to intensify your dad's anger. You go through all this and decide to get to bed and your back pain, in a worse manner, gives you a wake up call. And over all of it you come to know that a few of your very good friends are leaving and you might not be seeing them for a very loooooonggg... time.

If the greatest of the optimists were to be around, they would tell you that there is going to be a better tomorrow. You have an answer for them too. It is becoz ... the most irritating of all human beings is coming to town the next day.

Closing this nutshell hoping that Mr. Bobby Mcferrin does not come before me singing, 'Dont worry , Be happy' , after you have been through a day like this. Now you, don’t give me that crap about smiling all day. Hasn't the damn nutshell broken yet ???

Moral of the story : Friday the 25th may prove to be as equally disastrous as Friday the 13th

(9:54 PM 7/25/03)

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dhanesh said...

Between the lines, i could read sense a short film. Shall we go for it Nikky...?