Monday, December 09, 2013

The Stranded Optimist

I sat there by the empty road
Deep in conversation
Hours and hours, ages after
With the signpost next to me

We spoke of love and latitudes
Of cyanides and coconuts
We never ran out of words
Even our silence was chatty

The first car came by afternoon
One full of things pretty and young
Their trunk was loaded with vodka
And barrels of lust and blood

They said they were off to denial town
And wanted me to hop along
But I was off to the city of truth
And politely declined the ride

Then came the happy caravan
Strumming and plucking and raving
They played tunes of fame
And had every note in place

They were off to never never land
A land not so far away
But I was off to solitude
A place that was not on their way

Darkness was next on the road
Gathering speed with the setting sun
The signpost logged out for the day
Ending the conversation with it

I sat there by the dark, empty road
Not a headlight within miles
I waited and waited and waited more
For the bus that never came

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