Monday, December 09, 2013

Text Maniacs

Who are you texting, my dear driver?
What is so important that you cannot wait until you get home to deliver that message?
Are you texting Superman, directing him to a damsel in distress, somewhere in Gurgaon?
Are you texting a girl, telling her how much you love her before she leaves the country forever?
Are you texting a politician, crying about the plight of the roads in your locality?
Are you texting a scientist, to share an idea you have to fight global warming?
Are you texting a researcher, explaining a homemade cure for cancer?
Are you texting a reporter, informing him of a scandal that is about to shame our nation?
Are you texting an activist, on how to give the underprivileged kids a proper education?
Are you texting the police, to provide them with evidence to solve a sensational case?
Are you texting your mother, to tell her how you’ve decided to step out of the closet?
Are you texting a failed singer, telling her how there are hundreds who love her voice?
Are you texting God, with a simple plan to answer more prayers than usual?
Are you texting a government official, reminding him of his responsibility of serving the country?
Are you texting the driver of a school bus, warning him of an impending accident?
Are you texting a kidney donor, asking him to help an old lady in dire need?
Are you texting the US President, requesting him to withdraw his troops?
Are you texting the Taliban leader, demanding that he let Afghan women play football?
Are you texting Pele, urging him to come out of retirement?
Are you texting Dhoni, pleading with him to promote football for a while?
Or do you simply think that you are the center of the universe and any harm your action might cause is irrelevant? I think it is the latter. So, fuck off!

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