Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A week of advertising

I recently had a status message on FB where I compared Monday with a certain department in an advertising agency. To avoid discrimination, I decided to analyse the other days as well. The result, is mentioned below.

Monday must be in Client Servicing. Every time it shows up, it gets abused, screamed at and is shooed off. But give it a few days, and it is back smiling.

A Tuesday is not really welcome, but comes as a relief now that Monday has gone away. Tuesday therefore is the Planning Department.

Nobody really notices a Wednesday. It is there because it has to. Nobody enjoys it. Nobody really hates it. And that makes Wednesday the Admin Department.

Thursday’s only saving grace is that it reminds you that Friday is really close; like the Accounts Department. The only time we really like them is just before the salary day.

We all love Fridays, don’t we? They don’t seem as long as the other weekdays nor do they stay as long as the weekends. But we wait eagerly for them and enjoy them while they last. They are the pretty Interns.

Saturdays wake up with a problem, mostly a hangover, and work all day to ensure that the problem still looms large cometh a Sunday morning. That is the Creative Department for you.

A Sunday is bad news in disguise. It looks like a perfect day to sleep and chill and all that. But they do ensure that you know that the weekend is over and it is time to get back to work. Sunday, is your Boss.

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