Friday, November 19, 2010

Blind, deaf and apparently dumb!

A wailing siren pleads to the crowd,
as a heart fights a battle it is bound to lose.
Cries of agony fall and drown in cold blood,
as selfish minds tend to ignore and not choose.
Open your eyes and a little of your heart,
roll down your windows and let a life through.
For what goes around has to but come around,
and the white caravan will come for you too.

Interpretations by a few friends

“I feel it’s about people who don't take sides and are diplomatic; who do not have a cause and like to live in ignorance. Well, not exactly ignorance, but a peaceful existence so much that it makes them nonchalant and nonreactive to the things happening around them.”

“The white caravan, even though is pleading to the crowd to get in, might not be the best of refuge from a world full of cruelty and selfishness, as it ensures you reap only what you sowed!”

“The way I see it, it is about me and the people and the lies I am dealing with or an actor on stage craving connection and appreciation.”

“To me it sounds like a message intended for a social cause. It sounds like u want people to open up to/accept something that’s happening, something that needs their attention and without giving it its due... I’m not helping rescue it and myself. The reference to heart in the second line makes me think about something to do with the emotional battle within something/someone but I am not too sure what u meant by the white caravan...”

“Help thy neighbour put across in a different way. Something about all people in trouble that is not my problem. And then finally it’s my turn to die.

“Hmm...It looked like somebody's last appeal. Somebody who knows it’s not gonna work but still... Like I said painful and very tired.”


Reshmi Nair said...

Umm...isn't it about giving an ambulance right of way on the road?

phoenikhs said...

Yes of course! :D