Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Found it!

I might be a computer graduate but technology is the last thing you want to discuss with me. I used to like creating computer viruses and all that when at school. A little bit of hacking and cracking was also highly amusing. But that’s about it. It is basically due to my laziness. Things in the world of technology have been moving so fast that my fat ass just hasn’t bothered to catch up and keep myself updated; and hence, the fast developing generation gap.

For instance, I keep getting these search engine recommendations from friends of all kinds – techies and non-techies as per Bangalore definition. They go on saying stuff like, “this search engine is better when searching for images” or “this one gets you the best music dude” or “this one gets you the best porn from the planet. The best mallu aunties”, and so on. I do not understand.

The choice between a Yahoo, Altavista, Ask Jeeves and a Google during the time of a dial up network connection was easy. The criterion was ‘speed’. But with the intervention of optic fibers and technologies a.k.a. acronyms I can’t remember, speed is no more a factor, at least for a regular user. So much so that, I guess people Google (the verb – astonishing) for the result when 2 is multiplied by 3 than use a calculator. I use my search engine to search the internet. As long as I get accurate results (no more a USP, but a given), I am happy. Whether it searches from within India, China or Burkina Faso, I do not care. And unless a new search engine, all those Bings and Bingles, makes enough progress to put Katrina Kaif on my bed when I search for her, or courier me a season ticket for Manchester United matches when my search string reads ‘MUFC’, I don’t give a fuck!

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