Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Unsaid

I think romance is at its best in its unexpressed form. Like the gaze that tells a thousand tales only you can hear. Like those melodies in our dreams. We let them play in our head without letting them get pinned down by lyrics. Like those words. The ones that say a lot more when unwritten than when inked.

(courtesy: bonsaiz)


Anonymous said...

But sometimes if it isn't spoken there is a chance the look could be misinterpreted and thus chances lost.
The look in the eye helps, but words help too.
Btw I kinda thought you were the other Nikhil Narayanan which is why I left that weird comment.
The biggest coincidence is the fact that both of you have the same surnames!!
Okay now I am wondering whether you are the same Nikhil who owns the blog with the collection of short stories??

phoenikhs said...

Well, romance is not always about grabbing the opportunities, is it? If that was the case, it would be opportunistic and hence realism, instead of romanticism. Anyways, I cannot completely disagree with the power of the word, because it is the word that earns me my bread, butter and rum. ;)

And as far as owning a blog on short stories is concerned, I am not sure of what you are referring to. :)

Tinker Belle said...

Nice. :) :) :)