Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Master of Muppets

Recently, I discovered and identified a special skill in me. I choose to write about it because it is not a frequent occurrence in my case.

I guess I have had this ability for quite some time, but have just not been able to name it. The talent I am talking about is the power to manipulate. To be precise, I can convince people into doing things and saying things, while in a conversation with them. There are even times when I can actually see it coming, the nod of agreement; and feel it. Just like Neo could see through the Matrix. The skeletal structure of the devious plot is all just too clear to me. And the best part is, the victim does not even realize it.

I feel guilty at times and at times I feel arrogant, with the latter dominating. But most often, I feel joy. People who know me well might beg to differ. Well, I guess that proves the point.

(courtesy: bonsaiz)


Maya Reiss said...

maybe they're just scared to tread on your feelings(?) and end up saying the thing that you think you're leading them into.. but they calculate its what you expect/want to hear..

phoenikhs said...

Could be. But too good to be true I guess. Considering that I am becoming more and more cynical by day. :)