Thursday, August 10, 2006

The lady with the lamp!

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If I say that my life has changed dramatically over the last six months, I wouldn't be lying - because it has. I had been drinking and I had been doping,I had been whoring, I had a huge loan to pay off, I had a few habits to get rid of, I had more than a debt to see off... and I had a huge hollow to fill up. It was not that I loved being in such a dilemma. It had become a part of my life or rather, it had become my life itself. I had taken it for granted that there was no escape. This is what was meant to be. I am going to lose the battle. I did not have the guts to fight it alone, because every time I tried to fight, I was losing it. I felt that I was destined to lose. I had given up the attitude to win or maybe I had become too used to taking failure that I was too lazy to try and win. I did not enjoy the phase, but I did not hate it either. I was running away from the challenges that life was throwing at me. Every time I stood up to face a task, I would be taken down. I was driven to the brink. All the fake smiles could not wipe the tears nor heal the wounds those were running deep down inside.I had almost given up.

And then...I met her.


mathew said...


Maya Reiss said...

aaaaaaaah... bliss eh? :D

lash said...

man.. cant explain.. u took those words out of my mouth.. except that i havent met anyone yet, and i dont think meeting anyone wud help either .. all the best. may she show u the way out.

fellow hopless

indicaspecies said...

Hello from a new blogger.!
I guess she's had quite an influence on you; because we do not find you here anymore.
Let us know when you return please, preferably with her still around :)