Thursday, August 03, 2006

Almost Famous

Posted by Picasa the destiny is ours!

A small write-up I did for a community I believe in with a lot of passion and conviction. Though the community failed to do its purpose of uniting a cult of dreamers, I think it brought out the best piece of writing that my keyboard has produced. I probably am a little biased about this - because I had nothing else but my heart to put down in words as I sat down to write this one.

"Everyone on this planet is destined to be famous, but only the dreamer grabs the destiny by its throat and chokes the best out of it. Each member of this brotherhood is a dreamer and the only destination the journey called life will lead us to, is fame. We haven't missed the train to the land of fame, we are just on the waiting list. We might not have the tickets, but we do have a moral pass.' We will get on board and no one shall stop us. God might come on the way as a ticket checker, and we will give him a bribe he won't be able to refuse - our dreams. We will get there sooner or later, and fate shall tremble and get out of the way. We have almost conquered destiny. We have almost forced god into a compromise. We are almost there. We are almost famous."

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