Friday, December 16, 2005

Romantic Cemetary

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People go lengths to prove their love. Death is as far as it gets. Ask Romeo, Juliet, Pyramus and Thisbe, Laila, Majnu (Indian Context), and many others whom history and modernity has forgotten mercilessly. But lately, with practicality creeping in, romanticism has taken the back seat. Not that I thought that death was romantic anyway.
Talking of the length lovers go to, here is one recent incident. This one is not to be remembered for the extremity of the incident, but for the tinge of humour in it, if you can find it at all.

A colleague of mine, Amit - an art director, is getting married in a month or two. His fiancée is a news reporter with one of the channels. A cute young couple – made for each other kinds. One fine evening, in the middle of the campaign he gets a call. He jumps up, rushes towards the television and switches it on. “Guys, she is anchoring an exclusive.” Okay. All eyes turned towards the television. The title appeared, “Corpse Robbers.”
What on earth? We watched it, whether we liked it or not we did. That was how much excited the guy was about it. And why shouldn’t he be? It is his girlfriend on television. Even if it wasn’t the most romantic of places you would like to see your girlfriend, a rugged graveyard of all the places, it was his fiancée.

The programme, in contrast to the name, was really interesting. It was about a bunch of thugs who made a living out of selling fresh bones dug out of the graves, to medical students. A little bit of controversy lingered. Nice feature.

After half an hour of stand still, the office came back to life.( Obviously because we were literally buried in a cemetery.) Amit’s phone rang. It was her. What would she have asked? “Darling, did you check my dress out,” “Were I any good,” or “Which one of the corpses did you like,” or “Did you see that long dirty femur? It still had rotting flesh on it.” Not one of them thought the way I thought and made fun of Amit who was busy appreciating his fiancée’s effort and bravery in the grave. I broke into a laugh while every one looked at me as if I was laughing at my grandfather’s funeral. Well, what was so funny anyway?

There are lot of ways to express one’s love. Whatever way it might be, it should never go unexpressed. If it can be expressed by commenting about a corpse, so be it.

Note: This is completely senseless. I think it is black humour or maybe it is blank humour or maybe it is just because I felt like writing on it. It is like a movie which has three scripts, each by a writer of a different genre or something like that. Who wants to know?

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