Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Remember 60ml rum and 60ml cold drink? Remember one sips, because there was no money for two? Remember feeding your good friend under the table, the friendly mouse? Remember wiping the empty glasses clean – again, and again, and again? Remember the elaborate conversation with the auto driver at the counter? Remember only needing 100 bucks to get reasonably smashed? Remember chicken pepper dry from the first week of every month? Remember the ‘loose mixture’ from the rest of the month? Remember potato chips and plain peanuts? Remember peeing standing on your toes to avoid stepping on the spillage? Remember holding your pee because of the vomit in the urinal? Remember parliament and congress, the edible kind? Remember the two quick 90ml drinks before entering the pub? Remember the Old Monk peg that didn’t taste like the Old Monk peg? Remember those slices of boiled egg topped with red chilli powder? Remember half-boiled? Remember those perpetually empty salt and pepper shakers? Remember the occasional don at the adjacent table? Remember the fight at the next table and the broken beer bottle battles? Remember the loud television in the background and the local news channel that was always on? Remember the mosquito coils dangling from empty beer bottles? Remember kicking them down after a few drinks? Remember the inevitable faulty bill and the screaming that followed? Remember ‘Murthy’ the waiter? Remember leaving last, as the tables got stacked and the lights went out? Remember those arguments in the dark, because nobody cared? Remember where it all began? Remember…… your local bar?

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