Tuesday, April 05, 2011

If you believe in God, stop praying.

Despite differing drastically in form, name and dress code, there is one thing Gods from around the planet have in common – Omniscience. By the virtue of being the creator, God sees everything. God knows everything. Sometimes even before the things happen. He, or Alanis Morissette in one particular case, is the master of everything. He is aware of it all. He hears the pin drop. He knows where the needle is. And all that without even trying. So when you go shoot off your prayers, requesting a better job for instance, aren’t you making a fool of yourself? The bugger knows you are struggling with your current job. He's the one who put you in that cubicle. He even knows what you secretly call your boss. And with a bit of common sense, and of course mind reading skills, he also knows that you want a new one. So what is the point of praying to him and cribbing about something he already knows, or even better, something he himself devised during potty? Instead, why don’t you just look at the sky, or any of the million divine symbols, and say, “God, please do the needful.”


Prathima said...

I guess it always starts with "Please do the needful". prayers are follow ups:)

pure said...

directed here by lolo

nice piece. :-)

even some of us think we're omniscient.

phoenikhs said...

@pure - May lord be with them. :D

@Prathima - Why follow up is my question. :D

Prathima said...

May be we treat God in a similar way we treat our managers, Though they know you need hike/promotion or you are burdened with too much work.. Nothing moves until you do the follow up or in this case pray ;)