Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autorickshaws must also be from Venus.

Note: I request all women with a poor sense of humour to stop reading at the period.

Autorickshaws must be from Venus. They behave pretty much like women anyway. Listed below are a few comparisons. I am sure people more observant and imaginative than I am, will come up with more.

1) They ask too many questions; unnecessary more often than not.

2) They always demand more. Despite a meter (logic in real life)!

3) They always take a long and winding route before getting to the point.

4) They take kids to school.

5) They get in your way when you are off for something important

6) They are a menace on the road.

7) You never find one when you are desperately in need of one.

8) You mess with one on the road, a crowd gathers and gangs up against you – no matter what!

9) They are always on the lookout for richer men.

10) They always have separate rules.

11) Their sound annoys you.

12) They act pricey at night.

13) You have to settle for the dilapidated one because the good ones are taken.

14) They gossip every time two of them get together, even if the other isn’t listening.

15) It will take a lot of cajoling to convince them to go with you.

16) They are insensitive to pleas.

17) They always complain about things or the lack of it, as per the situation.

18) Men ride them. In most cases at least.

19) And yes, you can’t live with them, nor can you live without them.


Maya Reiss said...

Funny... you could replace 'autorickshaw' with 'autorickshaw driver' (= men).. and it would all still make perfect sense :)

phoenikhs said...

No, it would not. Take point no. 19 for instance.

Bangalorean said...

:O too late... I am offended already.But I have to admit, it was quite funny.

Theja said...

Good one.
7) You never find one when you are desperately in need of one.

Phillip Martin said...

fantastic post!!

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Yours Faithfully said...

Funny enough to a woman with a sense of humour, except for point #6!!!! It never ceases to baffle me how MEN, with all the accidents and disasters they cause while driving, can complain about the "menace" caused by women in possession of the steering wheel! In the U.S. (where I live), statistics on a regular basis say that men are far more dangerous drivers; yet the mockery of women continues like a sacred tradition!Men criticising women for irresponsible driving is like women accusing men of shallow obsession with their physical appearances!

rawhideconstinc said...
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www.paperwritings.com said...

Funny post. You made me laugh. Thanks.

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