Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The day he could not take it anymore - 2

He could roll three at a time now. He considered it quite an evolution from the confused little boy from a couple of years back. He even took one to the toilet. He had to rather. He was fully stocked throughout the year. There was never a low day with him around, joked his buddies. His circle of friends was now much wider than the tiny speck from the past.

Three pairs of bloodshot eyes looked on as he expertly worked his way through the joints. Three emptied cigarettes, neatly tucked between his fingers. With smooth swift movements, resembling that of a giant mechanical crane, he filled them up. He held them up after filling them to the brim, sprinkled the ‘magic dust’ as they called it, and extended his arms. Eager hands grabbed them from him. His eyes sparkled to match the flame as it moved from one hand to the other. A tired smile escaped his lips.

A sharp pain below his ribs awoke him after… Well, timekeeping was definitely not among the luxuries of a tripper. He leaned against the wall, and pushed himself forward. His feet were rooted to the ground. He was like one of those wax toys, with only his upper body oscillating. He had a vague idea of where the bathroom was. He staggered towards it.

He was next to the bathroom door when he woke up the second time. He remembered slipping on something. Somebody’s vomit, he thought. “Fuckin’ amateurs; just can’t handle good stuff,” he muttered to himself. He switched the lights on.

The scene that awaited him froze him beyond mere horror. Three headless bodies lay motionless on the floor. Fresh blood flowed out of their open necks. Three heads, each with excruciating agony in their lifeless eyes, looked back at him from the three corners of the room. In front of him, sprawled in red, was his worst nightmare.

(to be continue...)


Phillip Martin said...

this looks interesting... gotta read the next post..

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