Thursday, December 18, 2008

was, is and will

I have been tagged and have been asked to answer a series of questions. I have done that meticulously. Thank you for rolling me on Cris.

Here is the result:


What are your oldest memories?

There used to be an old Tamilian lady next to my house when I used to toddle around as a 2-year-old. I used to frequent Mami's (as I used to call her. For that matter, as everyone used to call her) house along with my mom, or rather on her shoulders,. I remember Mami’s face, but more distinctly, the aroma in her house. It was a put off then, and it is a put off now. It scares me. So much that, it is the only smell I ever get in my dreams, rather nightmares.

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was inventing new hobbies to get through my 10th standard study holidays. And by around January, I picked up carom. And yes, during my free time, I did browse through a few text books.


What did you do today?

Switched off the alarm thrice before getting up. Racked my little brain over the launch of a fashion brand that needed a revamp. A few minutes of cynicism and a little session of introspection about the usual ‘meaninglessness of life’ thingies. In the pot of course.

What is up for tomorrow?

I will wake up late with a bad hangover. I will roll around in bed for at least 15 minutes figuring out excuses for not going to work. Another 15 minutes filtering out the ones I haven’t used before. Another 15 minutes picking the best out of them. Another two minutes trashing all of them and getting ready for work. In case you are wondering, the remaining day will be spent cribbing and abusing the people responsible for making me work on a Saturday.


Where do you see yourself 14 years from now?

Quite possibly, I might be dead by then. But then again, I wear glasses for myopia. I can’t see much farther into my present. So future is a long shot.

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

A lever to destroy it the moment I am done with it. A notepad to jot down the details of time travel. Another lever to get it back to the exact same frame of life from where I began my journey. A few bottles of absinthe. Marilyn Monroe’s address. A mobile phone with network connectivity across ‘time zones’ and a contact list with everyone from everywhere. Yet another lever for destroying it while I am at it.


I am tagging Remya, Revati, and Anand. And yes Manu too. Don't know whether he will care. But too good a writer to be left uninformed.

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Cris said...

Thanks for doing that tag Niceklo. Liked your time capsule :-)